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The auto parts include almost everything an automobile requires in order to function properly. The auto parts are there in considerably large numbers that include engines, doors, windows, battery, brakes, carburetor, clutch, transmission, dashboard, fuel tank, head light, steering wheel, windshield, trunk etc. All these parts have to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that automobile runs perfectly.

The automobiles are extensively used in every part of the world. According to the research studies conducted in 2007, it was identified that there were around 860 million cars and light weight trucks on road. This number is increasing swiftly with the large increase in the number of passenger cars bought in India and China.

The history of automobile dates back to the 17th century in China, where a steam powered vehicle was first designed. Later, in 18th century, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot designed the first self propelled automotive vehicle. But it is after the invention of an internal combustion engine in 1806, by Francois Isaac de Rivaz, significant improvement in the field took place.

In 1885, Karl Benz, a German engineer first designed a four stroke gasoline engine. Again in 1896, he designed and patented the world's first internal combustion flat engine. In the meantime, another German engineer, Rudolf Diesel invented the Diesel engine.

The beginning of the 20th century saw a large scale production of automobiles by Ford. And this company dominated the automobile industry for almost 20 years. After this period, several automobile companies flooded the production industry by 1920.

Today, there are lots of automobile manufacturers located in various regions of world. In addition to that, the number of automotive parts production companies is also growing. This is attributed to the raising demand for the various automobile parts worldwide and also the growing interest of the users in maintaining their vehicles.

The market for the
used auto parts is very big. As far as the auto parts is concerned, if the particular auto parts are found in perfect working condition, there is no concern for you to buy used auto parts for your vehicle.

In course of time every auto part is bound to face some maintenance related issues. To maintain your vehicle in running condition you may have to import auto body parts. In such situation, you can buy these used auto parts for your automobile which can satisfy your need at a reasonable cost.

You can buy or sell used auto body parts for various vehicles online at Here solutions are provided to all your issues connected with the auto body parts online. It is very simple to buy the appropriate auto body part in this online store. Once the payment is done online the items are shipped to your residence.
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first self propelled automotive vehicle
Used auto parts - first self propelled automotive vehicle
Used auto parts
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